Monday, 25 August 2014

ZSL London Zoo | Revisited!

Ever since my last visit to ZSL London Zoo which seems like forever ago but really just over a year, I have been craving a visit again! Since then lots of wonderful things have happened, mainly births of some wonderful additions to the Zoo!
The day finally came when I just couldn't wait any longer and had to venture for a little trip to the Zoo. Taking Shehzad along for the adventure too. He loves one just as much as I do!
If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen a couple of photos I uploaded from there. It's been about a month since this visit so I apologise for the absence! Also, sorry for the photo heavy post but I had to share these lovely snaps!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Latium, Fitzrovia London | Restaurant Review

Latium is a fine dining independent Italian restaurant located within close proximity to Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road stations. Head chef Maurizio Morreli created several of the Latium menus including the Ravioli menu. The bread and pasta are freshly made each day by head chef Maurizio Morreli so they are a must try when visiting this incredible restaurant!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wednesday Wishlist | Watches

I've been eyeing up so many watches recently that it just made sense to narrow the humongous list until I can finally choose which is the perfect watch for me. I've never owned a really well made watch before and never really had a reason to wear one on my limp wrists until I started working on the Railway. Now time is oh so important and every minute must be counted so, what the heck, I may aswell treat myself to a beautiful watch to wear every day!

Watch Wishlist

Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul Chronograph Watch, £565
Kate Spade Rio Wave Metro Watch, $195
Olivia Burton Woodland Chocolate Bee Watch, £65
Olivia Burton Moulded Bee Navy and Rose Gold Watch, £125 
Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Watch, £159

I am finding these 5 watches to be both practical and stunning for both work and play. I dislike watches with too many buttons and too chunky. The Thomas Sabo is very similar for the Michael Kors I have seen so many bloggers wearing lately! Thomas Sabo watches are both gorgeous and very well made. Shehzad actually has one of the male styled ones. Kate Spade, oh Kate Spade. This one is so Summer and festival chic. I absolutely adore it for a playful day out! And as for these two from Olivia Burton. Is it not obvious how much I love bees? I am swayed more towards the rose gold as I do love the colour! Finally, the Daniel Wellington was something I found whilst online window shopping on ASOS. Simple yet stunning!

Are you a watch fan. Which watch do you own?

Monday, 12 May 2014

A Little Life Update

Firstly a huge apology to my readers, subscribers and anyone else who wandered over to Peach Pow XO in the past two months. I still cannot believe it's been two months since I last submitted a post.
I don't want to get into too much detail because really, who even cares? haha.
My life has been a complete rollercoaster to say the least. I've lost so much but also gained a lot too. I recently passed my six months probation within the company I work for, meaning now I can move on to better things and start a career I really want. I've stepped out of my comfort zone and made some incredible friends which I hope to keep for life and I've been planning my next few steps in my personal life including an incredible travel opportunity! YIPPEE!

I think it's safe to say blogging has been the last thing on my mind until now and even as I sit here I feel like giving it up all together. But alas, I will hang in there like the soldier I am and begin to motivate myself and give myself time to spend blogging again because I must admit I do miss the ol' blogosphere and fellow bloggers support especially during totally crappy times like now.

Love you all and watch this space!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser | Review

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

I seem a bit awkward writing about a product so long after the release and after almost every other blogger has probably already featured it on their blog. But hey, working full time prevents me from being able to blog so often so lets forgive me and read another ;)
I'm sure we all know the hype that was Baby Lips, which I personally gave in to and loved. After seeing the release of Baby Skin, I decided to stand back and watch other bloggers opinions on the product before I tried for myself. I have a high-street fave primer, my trusty Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer and wanted to wait until I had finished that product before starting a new one. My spending ban taught me this, which I have carried on to do, well done me!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Yankee Candle Haul by Cole of the Ball | Guest Post

I’m Cole and I blog over at Cole of the Ball if you already read my blog you will know I’m a complete candle junkie. So today I thought I’d share with you a haul. This is not just my purchases I also thought I’d show you what my mum bought as well! We buy our candles off a website called which I really recommend, the delivery is fast and they were all super well packaged.

So first off we got sooo many wax tarts, we’ve both really gotten into burning these. Even though there so tiny they really pack a punch and they are a lovely way of trying out different yankee scents. On the site wax tarts range from 94p to £1.20. Making them a much cheaper alternative to the big jars.

So here we have Warm spice, Vanilla lime, Christmas cupcake, Christmas cookie, Honey & spice and Mango peach salsa.

We also got Another Warm spice, another Vanilla lime, November rain, Another Honey & spice, Cranberry ice and Cinnamon stick.

All the other ones we bought are samplers, again these are a great way to try out various scents. These are priced at £1.70 on Yankee doodle.

So sampler wise we got Cinnamon stick, Fireside treats, Salted caramel and Spiced orange.

Vanilla chai, Red apple wreath and Sicilian lemon.

So that’s everything we got, I hope you enjoyed this post, a big thank you for letting me post on your blog Tamsyn. I hope to see you on my blog sometime!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment | Review

I've been wanting to share my thoughts on the gem that is Lush Cosmetics' Grease Lightning for a while but wanted to use it for longer than one month to make sure the results were accurate.
I'd heard about Grease Lightning from fellow bloggers in the #bbloggers chat but never thought about trying it until I visited Lush Cosmetics in Wimbledon before Christmas, where a sales assistant highly recommended it to me. As you've probably read before, I have mild breakouts which are mainly down to hormones. They appear mainly on my chin, forehead, neck and back. I explained my skin type and these problems to the sales assistant and she agreed that Grease Lightning would be great as she had the same problem areas too.

Grease Lightning is a gel formula containing carrageenan seaweed, aloe vera gel, thyme, rosemary and tea tree. It's a clear gel that is slightly tacky, when applied to affected areas simply by dabbing on the spot itself, it is left to melt into the skin. It feels a little bit sticky but eventually dries. I apply Grease Lightning after my evening skincare routine before bedtime.
The scent is very herby, from the thyme, rosemary and tea tree. However, it's not unpleasant as it is quite mild. I actually find it quite relaxing, especially when applied before bedtime.
The aloe vera gel reduces the redness and inflammation, the spots also feel less painful and I feel some even disappear before they surface. Using on the affected areas just once a day has really helped to improve my skin, I rarely get whiteheads now and my skin does look like it has improved a lot.
The 45g bottle has lasted me 3 months, for just £5.95 I think it's an absolute bargain!

Overall I am really happy with Grease Lightning. The results are great, a serious improvement and better than most products I have tried in the past. The majority being made from less natural products.

Have you tried Lush Cosmetics Grease Lightning? What's your holy grail blemish fighting product?

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint | Review

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint

Concealer holds a big place in my makeup bag. It gets me through my bad breakout days and when I'm having a lazy makeup day I'll simply pop a bit of concealer on and I'm ready for the day.
A few bloggers suggested Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint to me after I was on the hunt for a cheaper alternative to my favourite concealer, Benefit's Boi-ing!

At just £5.49 it's an absolute bargain and a fraction of the price of Boi-ing! so I just had to try it; no harm on my bank balance if it didn't meet my expectations.
The packaging itself trumps my favourite Boi-ing! packaging. It's definitely more sturdy and compact friendly with an attached lid and even a mirror inside, perfect for touch-ups on the go!
Unfortunately, it's only available in two shades, Light and Medium, which is a little sad for those with darker skin tones. I decided on Fair as I'm an obvious pale girl.

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint

Phwoarr Paint in fair has a slight orangey tone which is great for neutralising the blue tones in dark circles. The 'fair' shade could be a little lighter, but I am pale as paper so perhaps even just a 'Very Fair' should be made, just an idea! The texture of Phwoarr Paint is thick and creamy, it really does remind me of Boi-ing! Applying with a warm finger in a dabbing motion and blending it covers very well indeed. My undereye dark circles, which I do get often espeically working nights, vanish without a trace. I am guilty of using it to cover minor blemishes, especially when I'm having a lazy day and don't fancy covering my whole face in foundation and it works really well for that! The lasting power of this concealer is very good, I can last a whole shift at work, around 8 hours, without needing to touch up. That's in both the heat of central heating and the cold of the wind through the station so I am impressed with that!
My only concern with Phwoarr Paint is that it can bring out the dryness in skin, making some areas of my undereye/cheek look a little dry, nothing a little hydrating eye cream and primer can't fix though!

Overall I think Seventeen Phwoarr Paint is an incredible budget undereye concealer for hiding unwanted dark circles. If you don't want to stretch to Benefit's price tag then this is for you!

Have you tried Seventeen Phwoarr Paint? What did you think of it? What's your favourite under-eye concealer?

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